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** This post has been updated a few times since it was originally published in July 2020 during the dark days of covid and quarantines.

As one might suspect, with novels such as “Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte”, and “Coffee to Go, With a Spaceship”, I rather like coffee. I don’t think that should come as too much of a surprise.

In today’s post I thought I’d share links to some of my favorite coffee related blogs. Sometimes it’s just really nice to ignore the news, Facebook, Twitter and anything else on the internet that can get too serious, and go to a website to relax and read about something you enjoy without having to hear anything about wars, pandemics, Donald Trump, or American election cycles that never seem to end and are always in crisis mode.

Sometimes we need a mental break. So here are some good coffee blogs and links to other interesting and fun stuff. I’ll be updating this list from time to time.

Yes! It’s going to be a good day!

By the way, I’ve recently discovered this new social media sensation called Instagram. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Apparently it’s all the rage. I’m not much for social media. I do have a FB account but don’t go on it much, but I decided to give this Instagram thingy a try. So now you can follow me on Instagram. Lucky you!

Great Coffee Blogs

Best Blogs for Coffee

James Hoffmann, world renowned barista. He also has a YouTube channel about coffee that is extremely interesting and informative.

Roasting Coffee Beans at Home for Beginners. This article explains how to roast beans at home without special equipment, using a pan on the stove top, or in the oven, or using a popcorn machine. An excellent all-around article for the beginner who wants to try roasting without making a big investment in equipment.

The Bean Ground Coffee gear buying guide and reviews. If you’re shopping for anything related to your favorite addiction, this is a good place to start. Also, good indepth info on coffee beans.

The Coffee Channel. A great all-round website for coffee lovers, with reviews, blogs, buying guides and recipes all about coffee. They also have a list of what they consider the best coffee blogs.

Brewed Coffee. As they say in their About Us – “We are All about Coffee, including coffee news, tips, recipes, and more!”

The Coffee Hunters Journal These folks search the world for the perfect bean!

Small craft coffee roasters

Believer Coffee Company. This is a craft roaster in Ontario, who – in their own words “believe in the possibility of bigfoot & aliens, but most of all we believe in fresh roasted coffee for our consumer.” These guys get it!

Seventh Coffee Company, a small craft specialty roaster who makes amazing coffee.

Picadilly Coffee Roasters in New Brunswick. I’ve ordered coffee from them a few times, and their Ethiopian dark roast is especially smooth and fruity.

Cooking sites and other interesting stuff to pass the time

Once Upon A Chef. You’re going to need cookies and other snacks while drinking coffee and reading great fiction. I like to cook (and eat snacks), and this site by a classically trained chef is my favorite recipe website.

Custom handmade knives for the kitchen. Good cooking goes with great coffee (see above), so if you need some new kitchen knives check out this website (and a few more below).

Ed Storch in Alberta also makes excellent knives.

BookGlow. This is a fun website about books, that also appreciates a good cup of coffee.

It’s a fact! Coffee drinkers live longer!

A fun fact that coffee lovers will appreciate! Studies show that coffee drinkers live longer. See this article from CNN:

Something beautiful to look at. While you’re relaxing with a coffee, check out these amazing watercolours by Jacquie Herron. Jacquie’s paintings have a vibrant originality and freshness I find absolutely delightful.

Wordle word game answer history: for all you Wordle nerds.

Featured blogs

I like to keep track of some of my favorite blogs here, so that they don’t get entirely lost in the ‘Archives’ as time goes on…

Canuckle. Have you tried this 5-letter word game yet? I’m a Canuckle nerd and have probably spent far too much time researching possible starting words – constantly going for the thrill of getting the puzzle in one guess. But it has happened a couple of times!

UFO Investigation has now gone mainstream with NASA and the Pentagon getting in on the act!

The Washington Post has finally agreed with me. A serious newspaper also thinks that UFO’s are aliens looking for coffee!

Some coffee and alien humour memes you may find amusing.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

~Last updated January 31, 2024 ~