Canuckle Word Puzzle Nerds – Your Best Starting Words

Canuckle is a Wordle word puzzle spin-off with a Canadian theme. I’m hooked on both games, and I started keeping a private list of words that I think are very good candidates for future Canuckle answers.

I claim no insider knowledge. This list is simply what I believe to be likely candidates for future Canuckle answers since they have a Canadian flavour to them.

The Real Answer History Archive

Just in case you’ve been missing out, I’m also maintaining an up-to-date list of past Canuckle Answers, starting with the very first puzzle back in February 2022.

If you are a fellow Canuckle nerd and have some favorite starting words of your own, drop me a line and let me know if you find this list helpful. Or let me know if you have some words that should be added.

Words that are struck-through have been the puzzle answer since I started maintaining this list.

ABOUT – as in “out and about”
ACORN – Canada has some of the largest forests in the world, with lots of ‘nuts’ out there 🙂
ALERT – the northernmost continuously inhabited town in the world is Alert, NWT.
ALIEN – there is a UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta, for the purpose of inviting alien visitors from space.
ALONE – with one of the lowest population densities on the planet, statistically speaking Canada can be a lonely place.
ARTIC – misspelled, I know, but it is a valid Scrabble word and it wouldn’t be the first time our friends at Canuckle played fast and loose with spelling. (see the puzzle answers ABOOT and TOQUE)
BANKS – Canada has one of the most stable banking systems in the world
BEANS – we grow lots of them
BEAST – lots of wild animals out there in our vast wilderness
BIKES – a popular national pass time
BRANT – a famous Mohawk warrior and leader who settled in the Brantford area
BREAD – Canada is the bread basket of the world
BROCK – famous British general who defeated the Americans in several battles during the War of 1812
BUCKS – males deer. We have lots of them in our vast woods
CIDER – apple cider is a big industry
COATS – Canada has an extreme climate, going from really hot and muggy in the summer (plus 30 isn’t uncommon) to insanely cold in the winter (minus 40 is normal in many parts, and in the artic minus 50 is typical!). And we get everything in between during the spring, early summer and fall. Which means Canadians need a large variety of coats, (not to mention boots, hats and shoes) for different seasons and temperatures, from light rain coats, to heavy parkas for minus 40 weather, to lighter jackets in the fall and spring.
COMIC – many famous comedians are Canadian – John Candy, Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, Brent Butt, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, to name just a few off the top of my head. If you happen to be a famous Canadian comedian reading my post, and your name isn’t listed, please accept my deepest apologies. All I can say, in the finest of Canadian traditions, is “Sorry”. (By the way, ‘sorry’ has already been used in the puzzle – it was #9 – otherwise it would be on my list).
CRANE – as in the bird, we have lots of them
CRAZY – Olympic gold medal winners in downhill skiing were nicknamed the ‘Crazy Canucks’
CREAM – huge dairy industry
DEERS – we have millions of them
DREAM – moving to Canada is a dream for thousands of immigrants fleeing impoverished and war torn countries
EAGLE – vast populations of eagles
EARTH – Canada is the largest nation on earth
FLOUR – the wheat fields of the prairies are the bread basket of the world
FORTS – historical societies have preserved thousands of old forts across the country
FRESH – Canada has the most fresh water of any country, with 20% of the world’s fresh water here
FROST – we have long frosty winters
FROZE – ditto
FUELS – one of the largest oil and gas supplies in the world. Now, only if we could build a pipleline to get it to the world markets …
GOATS – lots of farms with all the critters that go with that.
GRAPE – we have a huge grape industry with much of it going to make wine
GRILL – we love our outdoor grills come the spring
GUARD – we stand on guard for thee, from the national anthem.
HIKER – hiking outdoors is a popular pastime
HONEY – extensive bee industry producing honey
HUSKY – this breed of dog is an important part of life in the north
LOCKS – extensive canals with locks in the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Rideau canal and many others
LOONY – it’s what we call our dollar coin
LOWER – as in ‘lower Canada’, what Quebec and the maritime provinces were once called
METAL – huge steel industry
MILLS – lots of mills
MISTS – the coasts are known for the fog and mist
MOUNT – one of the greatest mountain ranges in the world is here
MUSIC – big music industry
MUSKY – a very popular fish for sports fisherman
ORBIT – the ‘Canada Arm’, designed and built in Canada, is used on space shuttles in orbit for grabbing satellites.
PINES – the largest pine forests in the world
PLOWS – as in farming. Saskatchewan has the biggest farms in the world
RANCH – western ranches, vast expanses of cattle and horse ranches in the west is an important part of our culture.
RANGE – vast ranges of mountains and prairies
REBEL – Louis Riel, famous rebel leader of the Red River rebellion in Manitoba
SLOPE – some of the best ski slopes in the world
SNOWS – with one of the crappiest and coldest climates on earth, need I say more?
STAND – Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee! A well known line from the national anthem.
TOONY – the nickname for the Canadian two dollar coin
TRACT – as in vast tracts of land
TRUCK – the largest country in the world, with a very low population, trucking is extremely important to get stuff around,
VOTES – a free democracy, Canada has a very stable and reliable electoral system in which every citizen over the age of 18 can vote by right of citizenship. There is no gerrymandering, no registration needed, and no legal tricks that can be used to block voting rights for some people.
WOODS – goes without saying. we have the largest expanses of woods in the world
My word list of expected Canuckle answers – updated Oct. 21, 2022

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