Political Correctness Gone Haywire

I’m not just about pulpy sci-fi featuring aliens, coffee and time-travel. I’ve also got some great political satire in the tradition of Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Animal Farm and The Handmaid’s Tale.

The novel that George Orwell wrote – which gave rise to the term ‘Orwellian’ – is 1984. He was inspired by the autocratic regime of Soviet Russia for its attempt to strip away freedom of thought. In Orwell’s novel the government has strictly defined what people are allowed to think, believe and say. Thinking, believing or expressing ideas or opinions considered socially unacceptable is a thoughtcrime, a term that Orwell first coined in his novel.

Sounds disturbingly familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s become a ‘thoughtcrime’ to post an opinion on social media that others find offensive

Today’s woke warriors, self-appointed social media police and cancel culture are managing to accomplish the very thing that Orwell tried to warn us of 80 years ago.

The Tolerance Bureau and The Heretic, while not a series, are both set in the same world about 25 years from now in which woke vigilantes are in control of the government and have set up an all-powerful agency to make sure no one’s feelings ever get hurt again – The Tolerance Bureau.

In my novel of the same name, Jim Rogan is a social media skip chaser working for the Bureau. His job is to track down and arrest people who make offensive postings. He loves dragging them away in the night to re-education camps, thinking he’s really doing them a favor, until he learns the dark and horrible truth about what really happens to them in those re-education camps.

A satirical look at social media in The Tolerance Bureau

Imagine a cancel culture that’s gone mad (I know, hard to imagine, right?), and offending too many people will get you not just cancelled, but arrested for insensitivity and cerebral offenses. That’s where the Tolerance Bureau comes in, the new federal agency responsible for policing the internet for offensive and insensitive postings.

Jim Rogan is a social media skip chaser

Think you can just say whatever you want on social media and get away with it? Think again! The Tolerance Bureau is watching everything you post. Offending too many people gets you labelled a Cerebral Terrorist, and the Bureau will bring you in for mandatory sensitivity training. Try to run, and social media skip chasers will track you down and lock you up in one of the Bureau’s re-education camps.

That’s Jim Rogan’s job, and he’s one of the best at it.

The social media police are coming for you…

The story follows Hillary Wells, a famous astrophysicist who runs afoul of the PC police when she makes a few controversial comments on social media that some people find insensitive and offensive. Now she’s wanted for Cerebral Terrorism and a warrant is issued for her arrest. And the Tolerance Bureau has assigned Special Agent Jim Rogan to bring her in.

The Tolerance Bureau is set in a near future that is all too plausible…

Published on Amazon, February 20, 2023

Available now on Amazon, for your Kindle and in print

“Fahrenheit 451” meets Orwell’s “1984” in The Heretic

Heretic is set in the same dark dystopian future as The Tolerance Bureau, an Orwellian world in which saying the wrong thing can get you sent to a re-education camp for mandatory sensitivity counselling, and possessing books not approved by the government is a criminal offense.

Intellectual courage in the face of woke censorship.


The government, under the influence of a woke culture gone mad, has strictly defined what is acceptable to believe and think, and has banned all books it does not approve of. Dissenters are arrested as intellectual terrorists and sent to re-education camps.

Libraries are no longer for making books freely available to the public, but for burning them. Anyone in possession of a book not approved by the government is expected to drop it off at the nearest library. The librarian’s job is pretty simple: make sure all offensive books get properly incinerated.

Intellectual Heretic

It follows the story of Jack, whose father goes missing after being denounced for making offensive social media posts. A short time later he’s presumed dead in a suspicious car crash.

But Jack’s life is turned upside down when he finds evidence that his father is still alive – and on the run from the Tolerance Bureau. Jack risks everything to look for his father, and soon finds himself in a deadly race against shadowy agents of the Bureau who are also trying to find him.

Big brother is us

Heretic is about intellectual courage in the face of political correctness and government censorship in the tradition of “1984” and “Fahrenheit 451”.

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