Pulpy sci-fi escapism at its best

Sci-fi escapism. Pulp fiction at its best. My stories are hugely popular with the beach reading crowd and anyone who wants nothing to do with anything serious for the day.

If you love pulpy sci-fi escapism, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to my website. I love to write light-hearted adventures featuring lonely time-travelers from the future, aliens who like coffee, galactic smugglers, alien bounty hunters and more.

We even have a dystopian fantasy recently released. Not so light-hearted, perhaps, but still lots of fun.

It all adds up to fun-filled sci-fi adventures!

You deserve a coffee break

Feel free to take a few minutes to browse my website. I think of this site as a coffee break. Since it was first launched in 2014, it’s grown into something more than just an advertising front for books, but a place to go for a mental health break from the news or anything serious. We’re all about pulp fiction escapism, humor blogs – and coffee of course!

Our pulp fiction books, available on Amazon

Fans of Blade Runner will love this futuristic thriller about a bounty hunter who tracks down people who make offensive postings on social media.

In the future, you can get dislikes as well as likes on your social accounts, and the Tolerance Bureau is watching! Earn too many dislikes, and a bounty hunter will be assigned to track you down and arrest you for offending too many people.

That’s where skip chaser Jim Rogan comes in, and he’s the best at it!

See our blog post announcing its release on Amazon

Now available on Amazon

Time-traveler from the 23rd century.

Okay, so I’m not just all about aliens and coffee. I’m also about fun-filled escapism and pulpy sci-fi, in many different flavours.

Octavia is here from the future and wants to fit in. But she can’t tell anyone where she’s from. What do you do when the most important thing about you is something no one could ever believe?

Go to the Octavia Seven page.

Now available on Amazon!

science fiction detective noir

Alien coffee smugglers

This is the first in my series about aliens who love coffee. Jack Winters, a very down-to-earth PI, accidently runs into a gang of alien coffee smugglers late one night while on a stake-out.

Available on Amazon

Coffee to Go

Coffee to Go, With a Spaceship

The second book of the series. The adventures of Jack Winters continue in this thrilling sequelAlien bounty hunters, bent on revenge against Detective Jack Winters, kidnap his son and disappear into uncharted space.

Don’t miss this exciting sequel to ‘Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte.’

Available on Amazon

An Orwellian Heresy

Heretic, the story of an intellectual anarchist!

Heretic is set in a dark dystopian future, an Orwellian world in which saying the wrong thing can get you sent to a re-education camp for sensitivity counselling, and possessing books not approved by the government is a criminal offense.

Go to the Heretic book page for more details.

Available now on an Amazon website near you!


Make it a good day and keep smiling!

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