Where oh where is Jack Winters???

Sci-fi Adventure

Okay, I owe my fans an explanation. The second book in the Jack Winters series has been on the back-burner for a year now. And I have a very good reason – I took a badly needed break from writing. Yup, I set writing aside for a year. My sanity – and my long suffering wife – both needed it.

I’m an 80 per-center. I belong to that group of writers that have to work a day job to pay the bills – and that’s 80% of all writers. So that means getting up early – and I mean crazy early, like 3 and 4 AM, to get in a few hours of writing before leaving for work. I did this for 9 years straight to be exact, and finished 7 full novels.

It was starting to make me a bit crazy, and a bit too much, with a home and a full time job, six kids and three grandkids. No dogs or cats, thankfully. The cat died a few years ago and we’ve never replaced it, and I don’t have time for puppies, as cute and adorable as they can be. (Who’s got time for those?)

To top it off, two of our kids got married last fall, within a month of each other, so it was a bit nuts. I did ask them to consider rescheduling, just to spread the craziness out a bit, but they weren’t listening to Dad on that score. Go figure.

I read a book by a well-known writer on writing a while back, in which he pontificated upon the traits of the successful writer and the necessary commitment that required. And while I agree it takes commitment and hard work, he took it too far. He extolled the virtue of making it the number one, absolute top priority, without which you won’t be successful (according to him). And just to underscore the point, he used as an example another famous writer who missed his son’s funeral – a son who died by suicide in his early twenties – because he was too busy writing.

Yup – he wouldn’t leave his writing long enough to attend his son’s funeral. Kinda sick, eh?

Sorry, but I won’t sacrifice to those gods.

But I will be getting the manuscript to my beta readers next week, once I’ve finished another pass through it. (I don’t want to torture my beta readers any more than necessary.)

So my game plan is to publish the sequel this spring.

sci-fi detective noirPlease feel free to drop me a line with any questions, comments, or thoughts on how we can attain peace in the middle-east, cure cancer, encourage Trump to leave office early, or anything else that might be helpful to humanity.


Coffee to Go – Progress Update on the Jack Winters Sequel

Sci-fi Adventure
Sci-fi Adventure

This past week several fans of “Aliens & Latte” have emailed me to ask about the sequel. It is heart-warming to know so many people enjoyed the first book and are eagerly awaiting the second.

Well, the good news is that I finished the first draft last month. Now, first drafts always have to be proof-read, edited and polished. No sane writer would ever inflict a first draft on his fans. Heck, I wouldn’t even inflict it on my editor. So I will be going over the manuscript again to clean it up, then send it to my ‘editorial staff’ for final polishing.

I hope to have “Coffee to Go, With Spaceships & a Bounty Hunter” ready this summer. But please be patient.¬†Most writers, myself included, hold down a so-called ‘real job’ for a living. So I get my writing done between the hours of 4 and 7 in the morning before getting ready for work, which means progress is not always as fast as I’d like. It’s a good thing I’m what my wife calls an annoyingly perky morning person, and all I need is a good cup of coffee at 4AM and I’m ready to go. (BTW, according to recent stats, 80% of all writers work at other jobs to pay the bills unless they have a spouse that supports them. This includes¬†traditionally published NYT authors.)

This is my first post since last fall, so admittedly I’ve really sucked at blogging. I’ve been too busy writing and working and keeping up with my kids. But I promise to keep you updated on the progress of the sequel more faithfully in this blog.

And always, if you have any questions or want to know more about Jack Winters and his adventures, please feel free to drop me a line.