Hardboiled detective Jack Winters in Space

science fiction detective noir
Sci-fi detective noir mash-up

Welcome to my website. I like to write genre bending sci-fi detective stories.

Jack Winters is a hard-boiled detective with both feet firmly planted on the ground, until one night he accidentally runs into a band of alien coffee smugglers. Fortunately for Jack, these aliens don’t want to eat him or abduct him for medical research. They only come to Earth because they love coffee and our planet is the only one that has it.

But one thing leads to another, and Jack ends up going into space with his new ET friends, fighting for his life against evil, slimy aliens who visit Earth for more nefarious reasons than a good cup of Joe. You can read about Aliens & Latte here.

Available on Amazon, for Kindle as well as in print version.

Coffee to Go, With a Spaceship


Coffee to Go
Book 2 in the Jack Winters adventures

The adventures of Jack Winters continue in this thrilling sequel to Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte. 

Alien bounty hunters, bent on revenge against Detective Jack Winters, kidnap his son and disappear into uncharted space. Desperate to rescue his son, Jack enlists the help of Montclair, a strange elf-like character from another world he’d only just met that morning. But he’s the only person Jack knows with a spaceship. Jack’s daring girlfriend Donna accompanies them and together the trio give chase to the bounty hunters. Along the way Donna discovers a hidden talent for stick-handling spaceships and navigating through space. They track the alien kidnappers to a desolate slave-world where they are forced into a desperate fight on a remote planet to save Johnnie.

Don’t miss this exciting sequel to ‘Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte.’



Available on Amazon for Kindle, and a print version is also available.

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