Genre bending sci-fi

Welcome to my website. I like to write sci-fi mash-ups about galactic coffee-smugglers, alien bounty hunters, time-travel and more recently, a social media skip-chaser set in the near future.


Alien coffee smugglers & bounty hunters

science fiction detective noir
Book #1

Jack Winters, a very down-to-earth PI, accidently runs into a gang of alien coffee smugglers late one night while on a stake-out.

Coffee to Go, With a Spaceship

Coffee to Go
Book 2 in the alien coffee smuggler series

The adventures of Jack Winters continue in this thrilling sequelAlien bounty hunters, bent on revenge against Detective Jack Winters, kidnap his son and disappear into uncharted space.

Don’t miss this exciting sequel to ‘Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte.’

Available on Amazon for Kindle, and print.

Skip-chaser for the PC police!

Jim Rogan, social media skip-chaser

Jim Rogan is a skip-chaser for the Tolerance Bureau. In the near future likes and dislikes on everyone’s social media is monitored by the all-seeing, all-knowing Bureau. Anyone who gets too many ‘dislikes’ is arrested and sent to a ‘re-education’ camp. Jim Rogan’s job is to track down runaways and bring them to justice.

Available soon on Amazon. Release date June 2021.

Octavia Seven, time-traveler from the 23rd century.

What do you do when the most important thing about you is something no one could ever believe?

Go to the Octavia Seven page.

Planned for release on Amazon soon!