The Hippo – a politically incorrect satire

I’m excited to announce the release of my latest satire, The Hippo!

It’s about Wally, a boy who self-identifies as a hippo. He’s courageously rejected the species identity arbitrarily assigned to him at birth by his bigoted parents. Now he wants them to pay for a species affirmation surgery, but his cis-species father isn’t convinced. Things don’t look good for Wally, and his transitional journey appears to be at an end until NAFPA – the National Association of Feelings and Personal Affirmation – gets involved and convince Wally’s parents to support his species identity for the sake of his mental health.

A transhippo is a hippo!

The good news is that Wally doesn’t have to undertake his journey alone. He has a whole group of Furry friends at his side: there’s Kitty the tabby-cat, Rover the rottweiler, and Erica the transsexual kangaroo who aren’t about to let any biological facts stand in their way as they shake off the shackles of oppressive species bigotry and forge their own identity.

Things really heat up, however, when a teacher questions their true identity – igniting a firestorm of outrage all over social media demanding that the transphobic teacher be fired. While these brave heroes face a lot of resistance from transphobic cis-species humans, they also encounter unexpected resistance from bigoted hippos (the real ones) who are reluctant to accept a trans-hippo into their herd.

What is a hippo?

Naturally this raises the all-important question on everyone’s mind: What exactly is a hippo?

Wally eventually actualizes his true species identity, becoming a social media star in the process. But his moment in the sun is soon overshadowed by another trans hero who undertakes a new and innovative transition even more brave and revolutionary than Wally’s.

Wally and his Furry friends

Join Wally and his Furry friends as they transition from being human to the species of their choice.

Now available on Amazon for Kindle e-readers and also in paperback.

You may know someone who will be offended by this. Be sure to buy a copy and give it to them!

Coming soon to Kobo, Apple Books and Google Books!

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