Jack Winters, Sci-fi Detective Series

sci-fi detective noirUnknown to most humans, aliens love our coffee. It’s the most popular drink in the galaxy and Earth is the only planet that has it. And an eccentric band of extra-terrestrials are making a fortune smuggling coffee from our world and trading around the galaxy.

Jack Winters is the hero of my new sci-fi detective series. The series is a genre-bending mashup of hardboiled detective and science fiction, with some nasty alien bounty hunters thrown in. It is set in the present day and Jack Winters is a down to earth, tough as nails detective determined to bring the bad guys to justice – and he doesn’t care what planet they happen to be from. Bad guys are still bad guys as far as Jack is concerned, no matter how many heads they might have.

The series is about Jack’s friendship with aliens who come to Earth to buy coffee and help solve crimes. Jack won’t be solving crimes just on Earth – he’ll be using his detective skills on other planets as well, combating evil villains of all species.

Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte is the first book in the series, in which hardboiled detective Jack Winters meets the alien coffee smugglers for the first time. Before long he’s travelling in space with the quirky, off-beat band of alien smugglers – and fighting for his life against galactic bounty-hunters.

It’s a fun romp through space with eccentric coffee-loving alien smugglers. You don’t have to be a java junky to love this book (although it would help), you just have to love an exhilarating blend of sci-fi thriller and hardboiled detective.

Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte is available on Amazon

sci-fi detective
sci-fi detective

Available on Amazon

The second in the series is Coffee To Go, With a Spaceship. In this sequel, the Rajnack – the evil alien bounty hunters we met in the first book – are back and hell bent on taking their revenge out on Jack. They kidnap his son and disappear into space. Jack goes after them, and Donna comes along too.

Of course, Jack doesn’t happen to have his own spaceship handy, so he has to borrow one from Montclair, a little guy claiming to be from another planet, but Jack is pretty sure he is some kind of elf. Along the way Donna discovers she has a real knack for flying spaceships and gets pretty good at it – a skill that later saves everyone’s lives.

I think you will enjoy reading this as much as I’m enjoyed writing it.

Coffee to Go
Book 2 in the Jack Winters adventures


Available on Amazon

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